Welcome to HotelPRO.am!

Welcoem to HotelPRO.am

HotelPRO.am helps partner hotels and restaurants increase their revenues and decrease the expenses, thus giving a boost to their profits. 

The team members of the HotelPRO.m, armed with the wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated during their extensive work in hotels bearing names of major international brands like Marriott, Radisson, Hyatt, etc., are here to help you stay afloat and giving you a competitive edge in the increasingly aggressive hotel market in Armenia. 
Here are the services that you always need to run a hotel successfully in Armenia:
  • Supply of all kinds of hotel equipment and amenities from leading manufacturers of Armenia and abroad
  • Training and recruiting of successful and knowledgeable employees and managers
  • Consulting on investing in the hospitality market of Armenia, as well as various services much needed for a hotel and restaurant operator.

Helping your hotel to become a leader in the market.
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