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Simple PMS Excel File for You

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We have noticed that so many small hotels in Armenia cannot afford to buy a normal and workable property management system (hotel software), so they are using simple Excel speadsheets, which generally are not very much usable and informative.

New Horizons with

New Horizons with
The time for changes for is here and the waves of changes turn the company, specialized in booking hotels in Armenia for a century, into a regional tour and transfers company encompassing Armenia, Georgia and Iran! 

What Job Fits You Best in a Hotel?

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Modern hotels have quite a complicated structure and employ many associates to smoothly operate the hotel. Full service hotels with not too many facilities employ approximately as many people as they have rooms. Those that have many entertainment facilities or cottages, restaurants, occupy a large territory; they need more people to run it. Sometimes hotels need to employ more people because in the planning and construction stage of the hotel they didn’t plan the workflow well enough.

Be Unique or Sink

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Every year more and more new hotels are opened both in Yerevan and in other cities of Armenia. These are large or small, full-service or selected -service hotels, situated in different parts of the city, each one with a different concept, appearance, interior and exterior. The competition among the hotels is very severe and will become much more severe in the near future. 

10 Reasons to Work in Hotel Industry

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I would like to present you what the hotel jobs are attractive with, relying on my long-term work experience in the hotel industry and clearly visualizing the future in this sphere as well. This article aims to help get a better idea of the hotel industry mainly those people, who are in the initial stage of their career, who don’t like their current job in another sphere or those, who are constantly seeking their place and don’t find it. Several points refer to the hotel industry generally and others, the Armenian market particularly.
Here's the not complete list of those points.

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