Simple PMS Excel File for You


We have noticed that so many small hotels in Armenia cannot afford to buy a normal and workable property management system (hotel software), so they are using simple Excel speadsheets, which generally are not very much usable and informative.

When the thing comes to printing registration cards or confirmation letters, or just checking the arrival or departure numbers and names of the day, it becomes quite a headache.
In one of the hotels that HotelPRO was operating some years ago, we developed an excel-based system that was doing the job quite effeciently. Of course, it cannot pretend to be something like eZee FrontDesk, but still, for a small property it can be just enough. In order to help the hotels that sometimes visit or cooperate with us, we would like to give them this file for free use.

Please fill out this FORM to download the file.

Please activate the Macros for full functionality. If you need some customization of the file, please let us know.
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