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  • eZee Reservation - Booking Engine
    eZee Reservation - Booking Engine
eZee Reservation is an Online Booking Engine which integrates seamlessly to the property website and gives clients the ability to book reservations, packages, and offers directly from the website. It lets you setup your entire property details through single dashboard while giving you direct access to key areas of functions of your property. Increase your global reach with eZee Reservation by providing clients with a superior booking experience.

Being cloud based, it does not require any kind of hardware or software upgrade, with a good internet connection and web browser to get started. eZee Reservation runs on all the major internet browsers and can be accessed from smart phones and tablets as well.

Booking Engine is full of innovative and thoughtful features that let hotel owners track all bookings and increase bookings through robust features. It is a perfect solution for individual hotels, hotel chains and resorts. The customization options offers full control over the branding and it fit naturally into the hotel’s website aesthetically.

Booking Engine once implemented and integrated into your hotel website, you can get details of visitors and prospective guests, as well as bookings directing into your eZee PMS or any other Hotel Management System. Its intuitive reporting system gives you up-to-the-minute report of the bookings your property has received through the internet.

Another great feature of eZee Reservation is the integrated Client Management System, which automatically updates itself each time a new booking is made. So you no longer need to manually manage your client relationships; eZee Reservation can do it for you by keeping an updated record or all clients. You can easily tap into these records for sending out regular newsletters and also keeping your customers apprised of happenings at your property.

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