The Mystery Shopper Program

Noor Hospitality's The Mystery Shopper Program
Many hotels face low quality of service coming from careless associates, sometimes hidden from the eyes of the management and owners of the hotel. This poor service mainly occurs during night hours and day-offs of the management. Beside poor service issues, it is also possible that some of the associates may steal money by not properly registering the cash, especially those working at night shifts, also those working at restaurants and bars. All these issues affect guest satisfaction scores, thus resulting in bad reputation and a lot of lost money for the owners.


An independent mystery shopper, a member of Noor Hospitality, checks in the hotel like a regular guest and checks the quality of the services, especially the areas that need special attention. Any misconduct or low quality service from the associates is reported to the management or the owners of the hotel.

Areas that are commonly prone to abuse may be these ones listed below but not limited to:  
    • The quality and speed of checking in the guests
    • Early check-ins and late check-outs - if the money is charged properly and registered
    • If the staff properly takes room service orders and reacts to other guest requests
    • If the housekeeping staff reports on left over items and money in the rooms after the guest checks-out
    • If the housekeeping staff pokes into guests belongings and takes valuables if they are left unattended in the room while the guest being out
    • If the hotel's main telephone is answered properly and in time
    • If the restaurant staff properly takes orders and services the guests
    • If the bartenders sell the alcoholic beverages and register the cash payment properly
    • If the Loss Prevention department is attentive enough of suspicious people entering the hotel trying to access unauthorized areas.


The task will be carried out in the following way:

    • Define the areas and services to be checked by the auditor
    • Choose the guest profile eligible to check the services
    • Define the criteria to check against
    • Define the scenario to check the quality of the services
    • Define the reporting method
    • Instruct the auditor about the plan
    • Start the process
    • Prepare reports about the results
    • Convene with the management and discuss the results and present the reports, give recommendations on improvement

    • Locals that nobody knows: they have hotel experience, knowledge, have passed training before actually visiting the hotel
    • Foreigners that are in Armenia currently and willing to do such work


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