Perfect Cleanliness

Perfect Cleanliness
Every corner of the hotel should shine with cleanliness: the rooms, corridors, lobby, restaurants, etc. Even those areas that are away from the critical eyes of the guests. Guests usually expect from a hotel an excellent service and perfect cleanliness, which is always a result of professional tranings and skill development. Our experienced professionals are available to train your staff, both the line workers and the management, to raise to the next level of their work management and implementation skills, which will immedietly result in an increased level of guest satisfaction and a boost in revenues.

Duration of the training - 4 days, 2.5 hours daily
Location of the training - your hotel
Days - as per agreement  


Day 1
  • Uniforms and grooming standards
  • responsibilities of the housekeepers, the general job description
  • Code of conduct in the workplace
  • Rules of safety in work
  • Worksheets and statuses of room
  • The contents of the trolleys and setup
  • Cleaning materials and tools for cleaning

Day 2
  • Cleaning of checked out rooms
  • Cleaning of occupied rooms 
  • Dealing with "Do Not Distrurb" rooms
  • "Turn down”  service and VIP rooms
  • Lost & Found items 
  • Key control

Day 3
  • Setting up the bed
  • Collectiing the bed linen and a baby crib
  • Standards of matrases, duvet, blankets and pillow
  • General cleaning of the rooms
  • Control of technical problems
  • Clenaing of carpets, soft and hard furniture
  • Minibar operations

Day 3
  • Cleaning the restaurants
  • Cleaning the public areas
  • Cleaning the public toilets
  • Cleaning the elevators
  • Cleaning the administration offices
  • Laundry department
  • Cleaning the swimming pools and saunas


4 days, 2,5 hours daily

Class Size: 


Application Procedures: 

The hotels can arrange the Perfect Cleanliness training for their hotel staff by calling to 093240774 or sending a letter to

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