The excellent restaurant service is one of the most important reasons that make guests come back again and again. Even if the food is not very promising, or something happens, the excellent service can minimize the negative effect of the incident and make guests smile and feel valued. The high turnover of the waiting staff makes it quite difficult to maintain the appropriate level of service all the time, but when the existing staff is well trained, it will increase not only the guest satisfaction level, but also will affect the satisfaction level of the waiting staff and will generate extra tips and salary increases for them. Our specialists are here to train your staff and bring the best possible satisfaction to your restaurant guests.

Duration of the training: 5 days, 3-4 hours per day
Location of the training: hotel


o Service Quality
o Product Quality
o General Appearance Quality
o Trained Personnel Quality
o Personal Hygiene Quality
o Hygiene Quality Of Working Places
o Customer Hosting
o Customer Communication
o Reservation Taking
o Suggestive Selling
o Upselling
o Customer Complaints
o Offers
o General Hygiene
o General Hygiene Standards
o Food Poisoning
o Food Service Temperatures
o Microbes
o Food Cooling And Preservation
o Pests Control
o General Service Techniques
o Mis En Place
o Food Service
o Beverage Service
o Wine Training
o Alcoholic Beverage Training
o Cocktail Training
o Soft And Hot Beverages Services Training
o General Operational Knowledge
o Open Buffet Operational Knowledge
o Specialty Restaurants Operational Knowledge
o Room Service And Mini Bars Knowledge
o Cost Control Knowledge
o Menu Knowledge
o Check Lists
o Job Description And Side Jobs
o Stock Control Knowledge
o Performance Control Lists
o Restaurant Operation Manuals Preparations

Application Procedures: 

If you are interested in arranging this training for your hotel's staff, please call to 093240774 or write to

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